This is my collection of both children’s picture books and scientific books that may be helpful and support the thinking behind Let’s visit Numberland. To be updated continuously; please feel free to suggest more books!

Children’s picture books

My Garden is a Square by Barbara Schindelhauer and Mark Hansen (TBR Books 2022). Link to TBR books for overview of all available languages and bulk size. The book is also available through (online) bookstores. Also in Hindi and soon in Arabic and Chinese; more languages in preparation.

Maths for All by Mark Hansen (TBR Books 2021). A warmhearted picture book to encourage a love for mathematics. More and Mark’s website

-> Are you looking for general inspiration for beautiful children’s book?
Check this Story Time YouTube Channel by Anusha Shrestha. Every day, Anusha reads out a children’s picture book – and has been doing so since October 2021!

Scientific books

Can I go and Play now? by Greg Bottrill (2nd edition, Sage Publications 2022)

Early Childhood and Neuroscience: Theory, Research and Implications for Practice by Dr Mine Conkbayir (Bloomsbury Academics 2021)

Messy Maths: A Playful, Outdoor Approach for Early Years by Juliet Robertson (Independent Thinking Press 2017)

Komm mit ins Zahlenland by Gerhard Friedrich, Viola de Galgóczy, Barbara Schindelhauer (Herder Publishing, 2nd, revised edition 2011 of first 2004 edition). The original German Numberland handbook that started it all and is still in print with over 75k copies sold!

The Neuroscience of the Developing Child: Self-regulation for Wellbeing and a Sustainable Future by Dr Mine Conkbayir (Taylor & Francis Ltd 2022)