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In this section, you find an overview of all my links, plus a collection of links to other websites, people, organisations I cooperate with and you may find useful as well. Feel free to suggest more!

  • Directly related to Let’s visit Numberland
  • Websites, Organisations, People

Directly related to Let’s visit Numberland – my German website – all resources you can shop directly from me plus overview – offers optional wooden resources by HABA to customers in the UK – offers optional wooden resources by HABA to customers in Ireland

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Interesting Websites, Organisations, People – The Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education and Communities: Resources for Multilingual Families and Linguistic Communities. – Non-profit publisher of printed and e-books, especially children’s picture books in various languages. Publisher of my book My Garden is a Square. by Kathy Brodie. A wide range of CPD opportunities for teachers and parents. – a voluntary global network of teachers by Gavin McCormack and Anusha Shrestha. Providing free webinars/conferences for teachers and parents and portraying education specialists from around the world. – a private non-profit foundation initiated by Dr. Jeanette Shakalli. -> free webinar coming up on February 9, 2023. Details

Story Time with Anusha – on her YouTube channel, Anusha reads out a children’s picture book every day – and has been doing so since October 2021!