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Who we are

My name is Barbara Schindelhauer.

I have a university background in Business, Psychology and Communication. After several years in Sales & Marketing, my new (and I guess always meant to be) career started during parental leave: I volunteered in my children’s kindergarten, and in 2004 came across Numberland …

Numberland just had this incredible impact on my children Tom (rising 5) and Tina (3) – way beyond numbers!

I wanted to contribute to spread this lovely concept among teachers so that all children of any background had equal chances. The same year, 2004, I founded the ifvl.

Ever since, I have been accompanying many projects and trained many hundreds of teachers, in Germany and internationally. In 2011, I became co-author of the German best selling Numberland handbook (60k copies sold by 2019 and still reprinted!).

I am filled with gratitude for the positive feedback from the field, the international impetus, above all the difference Numberland makes to children!

My name is Gerhard Friedrich.

I hold a PhD in Pedagogics and teach General Didactics at the University of Bielefeld, Germany. My scientific research focuses on developing didactic concepts for early childhood education. Before, I used to be a teacher for maths, technics, pedagogics, and psychology

From 2003 to 2006, I led a research project on early maths education, initiated by the Ministry of Culture of Baden-Wurttemberg/ Germany. The objective was to develop a concept based on brain research, and early childhood development.

My son Lutz, then 4, was among the first children to shape Numberland. Today, my granddaughter Toni helps to develop new ideas.

Musician Viola de Galgóczy wrote the Numberland stories and composed the songs.

Our Vision

  • Mathematical knowledge and literacy are crucial for education and can only develop on a thorough foundation.
  • Children have a right to grow into their life according to their natural development.
  • Children have an inborn desire to learn and do so by playing in a context relevant to them.
  • Adults are in charge of providing rich and stimulating environments in which children can creatively flourish.
  • We must consequently take the children’s perspective: What do they need? How do they see the world? What can they build upon?

Our Mission

  • Contribute to a joyful, motivating, and successful development of children of all backgrounds.
  • Close educational gaps and ensure equal chances when entering school.

Our Goals

  • Make Numberland available globally and applicable to any environment.
  • Equip teachers with an efficient, down-to-earth tool so they can fulfil their curriculum without compromising children’s needs.
  • Provide a buffet of ideas so that everyone can choose according to their individual needs.
  • Network with professionals everywhere to find and combine ideas for the best impact on children.


A glimpse of international Numberland travellers – and a wonderful proof that children enjoy the same things everywhere and that maths is a global language!
Numberland is also popular among international schools because of their children’s bilingual background.


It is an honour and a joyful enrichment to exchange thoughts with experts on international conferences! (Barbara)

World Literacy Summit 2020

April 5 – April 8, 2020
Oxford University, UK

Over 160 speakers discuss how to improve literacy skills around the world.
Barbara speaks about how children’s natural interest in the language of maths relates to the topic.

Erasmus +

Kick-off Meeting 30th Mar – 3rd April 2020
Lodz, Poland

Erasmus+ CLIL project 2016

Start of a new project on creatively teaching maths with partners from Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Cyprus.
Kick-off meeting with Numberland training with Barbara.

The 2019 Autumn Summit: Literacies

Oct 28 – Nov 3 2019
– online event –

Kathy Brodie broadcasts interviews with 20 early years experts.
Among them, Barbara talks about the chances of an emotional approach to the language of maths.

Subscribe to the online summit for FREE here:

Erasmus+ project ‘CLIL Bilingual Education a Step Ahead’, 2014 – 2016

Closing conference 2016
Lodz, Poland

Partners: Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey. ‘Numberland’ as best practice approach being applied in Kindergarten 206 and in Kindergarten 156 in Lodz/Poland.

‘Numberland’ workshop held by Barbara Schindelhauer during the closing conference.


2. Andiner Deutschlehrerkongress / Congress of Teachers of German as a Foreign Language

October 2015
Santiago de Chile, Chile

Workshop on ‘Let’s visit Numberland – learning a second language with the help of maths’ by Barbara Schindelhauer


BCME8 – British Congress of Mathematics Education

April 2014
University of Nottingham, UK

Session ‘Let’s visit Numberland – an emotive, story based and practical contribution to numeracy and literacy’


Prepare for Life! – Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education

March 2013
Leipzig, Germany


International conference by Reading Worldwide / Stiftung Lesen, Mainz, Germany.

Session on the contribution of Numberland to both maths and literacy, held by Barbara Schindelhauer.

Conference proceedings: 
Gerhard Friedrich, Barbara Schindelhauer (2014). Let’s visit Numberland: An Emotive, Story-based Contribution to Numeracy and Literacy Development. 
In: Jörg F. Maas, Simone C. Emig, Carolin Seelmann (eds.). Prepare for Life! Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education. Results and Implications of the International Conference of Experts 2013. Stiftung Lesen 2014 (pp. 79-85)

Free download of the e-book: http://www.stiftunglesen.de/download

Delta Kappa Gamma Society
Bi-annual European Regional Conference

Aug. 2011
Baden-Baden, Germany

Keynote and workshop on Numberland, given by Barbara Schindelhauer.


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