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Barbara Schindelhauer, MSc
Published author, teacher trainer, presenter. Founder and owner ifvl. More under About us

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Barbara Schindelhauer
Am Rosengarten 13, 79183 Waldkirch, Germany
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International contacts

I am enthused and grateful that professionals from the field around the world are forming an independent network to share Numberland!

Australia — Mark Hansen (educator, author, mathsclassrenos), Queensland, Australia
Brazil — Bettina Prall (professora da educacao infantil), Sao Paulo, Brazil
Czech Republic — Renata Alber (day care owner)
Estonia — Reeli Tänavsuu (kindergarten teacher and head), Pärnu, Estonia
Israel — Zilla Lemberger Freedman (owner of cMc – The Children’s Math Centre, Israel
Malaysia — Larissa Charles (early childhood educator and consultant, author), Sengalor, Malaysia
Romania — Friedl Kast (Hoffnung für eine neue Generation e.V., Germany, working in Romania
Turkey — Dença Nerse (psychologist, kindergarten teacher), Istanbul, Turkey
UK — Amy Langmead (KS1 teacher, maths-coordinator), Manchester, UK
UK — Cherri Moseley (math consultant, book author), Norwich, UK
USA — Uta Rockel (preschool and Pre-K teacher), Washington, USA.
USA —Carola Hauer-Berry (Pre-K and kindergarten teacher), Texas, USA
Zambia — Lea Eichberger (primary teacher, former Commundo Co-Worker)

If you wish to contact anyone on the list, drop me a line and I will gladly forward your message. That’s just the easiest way.