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Yours, Barbara

Barbara Schindelhauer, MSc
Published author, speaker and international trainer for Let’s visit Numberland. Founder and owner ifvl

Am Rosengarten 13
79183 Waldkirch, Germany
+49 (0) 7681 4937176

Additional international contacts

We are enthused and grateful that professionals from the field around the world are forming an independent network to share Numberland!

United Kingdom

Amy Langmead (KS1 teacher, maths-coordinator), Manchester

Cherri Moseley (math consultant, book author), Norwich


Carola Hauer-Berry (Pre-K and kindergarten teacher), Lewisville, Texas


Bettina Prall (Professora da educacao infantil), Sao Paulo


Echo Chen, Beijing, phone +86 1369-155-7561

Czech Republic

Renata Alber (day care owner)


Reeli Tänavsuu (kindergarten teacher and head), Pärnu, Pärnumaa


Zilla Lemberger Freedman (owner of cMc – The Children’s Math Centre)
צילהלמברגר- פרידמן
סי.אם.סי- המרכזלמתמטיקהלילדים Phone +972-54-4442293


Grazyna Presz (nursery/kindergarten teacher) Phone +49 (0) 151-153 986 33


Hoffnung für eine neue Generation e.V., Rudersberg, Germany Phone  +49 (0) 7183 931980


Dença Nerse (psychologist, kindergarten teacher), Istanbul