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Here you find the latest Let’s visit Numberland News: Upcoming events and a growing list of exciting Numberland projects from all over the world, such as in Zambia or Malaysia.

Storytelling for Children of the Ukraine

Monday, 21st of March
12 hours of non-stop story telling by educators from all over the world.
At 3:20pm EET, Bob the Gardener will be helping Number Four with her garden …
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New Video out on YouTube

Number Five and friends talk about their home in this little 15′ YouTube video. Intended to give educators an understanding of Numberland; can also be watched with your children.

Free webinar recording

For more insights, you may watch this webinar recording (45′) outlining the thoughts behind Numberland and presenting its elements.

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Numberland projects worldwide

Read about our exciting Let’s visit Numberland projects running in most different setting around the world and get inspired.

Let’s visit Numberland Zambia – an exciting project in a high spirit, low resource context

Let’s visit Numberland Malaysia – closing education gaps for indigenous people

Proud member of the international educators network – where professionals from all over the world share their knowledge to make a difference.

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