My Garden is a Square – A Let’s visit Numberland rhyming children’s picture book

Our book is a perfect start into the magical world of Let’s visit Numberland with your children! Simply enjoy exploring and talking about the pictures and rhymes. Everything is designed in a way that children experience relevant details of what makes a number: “Look, I see 2 yellow flowers and 2 pink flowers in Number Four’s garden – that makes 4 in total. I think she could have also planted 4 different colours…”
An eye opener and a communication starter, building on the maths understanding children are born with and translating relevant maths into the world of children.

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Get a feeling for what makes our book special, what the reviewers say, who the people behind it are.
Available languages: English, Hindi, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic (soon) and French (soon). More languages in preparation.
Available directly from TBR Books or from a local / online bookseller in your country.

Title of My Garden is a Square, a Let's visit Numberland Picture Book by Barbara Schindelhauer and Mark Hansen

Barbara Schindelhauer and Mark Hansen
My Garden is a Square

TBR Books 2022
28 pages incl. tips for using the book
ISBN 9781636073569
12.99 USD

Available in bookstores including Amazon, or directly from TBR Books (interesting for bulk sizes). Check your country to get the best results!

Same for the Hindi translation
ISBN 9781636073576
e.g. on

my garden is a square hindi barbara schindelhauer

Get the feeling with some sample pages

What do you notice … What do you wonder?
Lot’s to notice, talk, find around us!
Children love good-vs-bad! Our message: mistakes are okay!
Number sense, subitising, partitioning, shape, general knowledge – all in one spot!
numbers and shapes seen through the eyes of children
One example for how to turn the story into happy role-play full of math!

What is My Garden is a Square about?

Our rhyming children’s picture book introduces the Numberland idea and characters, including mischievous Trickster and caring Numberilly. The story and pictures inspire to explore relevant knowledge about basic numbers and shapes. They open our eyes for the mathematics in the world around us.
The book makes an excellent starting point of any Numberland co-adventure, but it is also a stand-alone resource.

The story and pictures inspire to explore relevant knowledge about basic numbers and shapes. They open our eyes for the mathematics in the world around us.

This picture book is intended for parents and teachers of 3 to 5 year old children as yet another means to support our children on their journey of self-education, combined with the joy of reading a book together. The book makes an excellent starting point of any Numberland co-adventure, but it is also a stand-alone resource.

We also give helpful hints when reading the book, to get the most out of the book and spark our children.


Barbara Schindelhauer and Mark Hansen have written a wonderfully engaging and interactive book for children, the perfect introduction to the world of numbers. With fun and colourful details on each page, this book is sure to capture the imagination of children everywhere as they are introduced to the concept of numbers and counting. (Tanya Natalie)

It’s wonderful to meet numbers one to ten, Trickster and Numberilly. I loved reading it aloud and giving voices to them. Thank you for this charismatic poem playfully written with imaginative visuals making all fall in love with maths. (Anusha Shrestha, Co-Founder @Education Influence, CSM @upschool)

Enchanting, entertaining, and engaging! MY GARDEN IS A SQUARE is a “math-for-all” delightful tale of “Numberland’s” fundamental and essential entities. The numbers come alive via this visually-appealing story’s multiple representations. The book also poses good questions that organically provoke mathematical thought in children. A must-have early years book!   (Jaspreet Sethi – Founder Math with a Smile, India)

An easy way to introduce children to the world of numbers and patterns. Bright and easy to follow, I’d highly recommend this book to help young children to start noticing numbers around them and to engage in all the patterns that can be seen.   (Debbie Kemish – Retired Director of International School in Australia and teacher of English language)

About TBR Books by CALEC, our publisher

TBR Books is the publishing arm of the Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education, and Communities (CALEC), a nonprofit organisation with a focus on multilingualism, cross-cultural understanding, and the dissemination of ideas. Our mission is to empower multilingual families and linguistic communities through education, knowledge, and advocacy. Visit us at

So our book will be translated into various other languages by dedicated volunteers!
The Hindi version is also available now, for example through

Also available: Indonesian, Chinese
In the making: Arabic, French

Co-author Mark Hansen

Mark Hansen is holding a first copy of his new book My Garden is a Square, co-authored with Barbara Schindelhauer.

Mark made it first to hold a printed copy of our book in his hands! Mark initiated the idea to write our book, following the example of his children’s picture book “Math for All” (TBR Books). Though working from different time zones (Australia and Germany), it took us only four months full of creativity, laughing and fighting over rhymes to get it done!

Fun fact: We had our first video call to exchange our thoughts on early maths only in May this year!

Meeting our publisher Fabrice Jaumont

It was special to receive the first copies out of the hands of Fabrice Jaumont, head of TBR Books, the publishing arm of his non-profit organisation CALEC at Frankfurt Bookfair.

Their range of children’s books, bringing together cultures from all over the world and all translated into various languages, are amazing! Also Mark’s first book Maths for All is available in 8 (!) languages!