A lovely picture book breaking down common myths about maths

Book Mark Hansen Math for All

Mark Hansen
TBR Books 2021

This short rhyming children’s picture book, written by educator/author Mark Hansen follows four animal characters as they go to school and have their negative preconceptions about mathematics challenged.

The book is a stimulus for breaking down some of the common myths/misconceptions students (and adults!) can have about maths. The students discover we can all do math with a growth mindset.

Have a look inside the book in this short publisher’s video on YouTube.

Or watch this video, where Mark Hansen reads his book on YouTube.

Available in various languages in many online bookstores including Amazon.

Why I recommend this book?

Not only because MATH FOR ALL is the reason why Mark and I are now co-authors of MY GARDEN IS A SQUARE! We are very like-minded people:

The mindset is crucial when it comes to learning and this booklet beautifully supplements Numberland!

Adults have a huge impact on their children’s mindset, and especially with maths it is often negative. Admit it .-) Not being good at maths is much more accepted than being clumsy at sports.

Am I open to learn? Is it okay not to always shine brightly, but also okay to be slower and make mistakes? Can I see the maths around me?

This booklet beautifully encourages a positive mindset – and then this mindset is nurtured because children acquire the understanding and knowledge of mathematics with Let’s visit Numberland.