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Let's visit Numberland by Barbara Schindelhauer YouTube channel

Juggling with my Numberland props and creating an irresistible maths environment

Grab a cuppa and enjoy my chat with Kathy Brodie: Watch me juggling with my Numberland props, toys and all day items to create a story where abstract maths is translated into the world of children and creates happy, correct internal pictures that stick and allow to move on.
Learn how easily you can create a mathematical environment which comprises everything children need to develop their number sense, but also language(s) and more – free play, engaging, irresistible, holistic.
Pst: The video includes a special offer until 5th of July (lifetime access!)

Reading my rhyming children’s picture book MY GARDEN IS A SQUARE

In this video, I’m taking you through My Garden is a Square – a journey through the home of numbers and shapes. Hope you get the idea of our eye opener and communication starter.

Number Five and friends chat about their Numberland home

Let our Numberland characters explain their home and get the idea of Let’s visit Numberland.

How to trigger children by turning numbers and shapes into an irresistible co-adventure

Explaining the Let’s visit Numberland concept during a webinar for Empathy Week by global teacher network Education Influence. October 2022.

Numbers and Shapes translated into the World of Children

Recording of a workshop for the global teacher network Education Influence. August 2022.

Let the good things happen – how early maths can spark children and unburden teachers.

A webinar on the general chances of early maths and Numberland in particular. Watch recording.

numberland teacher training free webinar

The chances of an emotional approach to mathematical literacy

A chat with Kathy Brodie as part of her Early Years Summit 2019. Also check Kathie’s Early Years TV.

A little trip to Numberland with the authors

Meet Dr. Gerhard Friedrich and Barbara Schindelhauer with a happy bunch of kindergarten children in this 5′ video, introducing you to the Numberland idea with a little action.

The film was produced by HABA Pro. “Willy’s World of Numbers” refers to their range of ready-made products, licensed by Dr. Gerhard Friedrich. “Let’s visit Numberland” stands for the entire concept.

More videos to come over time – here and on my YouTube channel @lets-visit-numberland. 🙂

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