Young children love, want and need maths!
Their way, that is through imaginative role-play and
in a context that matters to them. Easy 🙂

numbers and shapes seen through the eyes of children

Here comes an irresistible, child relevant idea to nurture this love and achieve a thorough foundation of number sense – including the joy and free, creative role-play children need so much for their proper development.

Research and field proven – worldwide!
Easy going, holistic, efficient – a happy co-adventure!

Hi from Germany! It is my mission and my joy to contribute to equal chances for all children and a happy childhood.

Which also means to unburden teachers and parents by providing what it needs to Let the Good Things Happen.

It is easier than you may think. Promise!

barbara schindelhauer let's visit numberland
Barbara Schindelhauer
Let's visit Numberland by Barbara Schindelhauer YouTube channel

Let me kindle you for a research and field proven easy going and highly efficient, flexible co-adventure for numeracy and literacy for the ever so important early years. Fuel your children and unburden yourself by letting the good things happen! In any context!