Welcome to Numberland!

That magic, imaginative and emotional place packed with maths …

— where children find everything they like and need to explore and learn the language of maths

— as part of their natural development and, thus, through play

— in an emotive, relevant, joyful, holistic, yet structuring context.

— strictly from a child’s perspective

—> Learn all about Numberland and what we can offer you to embark on joyful trips to Numberland with your children – whatever your objective and needs might be!

Let’s visit Numberland is an emotive and child relevant, flexible and proven contribution to early maths, also to language and overall development – above all to a joyful childhood! It can be applied (or rather offered) in any early years setting such as nursery, kindergarten, reception, or at home.

The concept acknowledges it is part of the natural development of children to learn the language of maths – some earlier, some later.

In their natural play, children build an individual, solid bridge from their inborn mathematical understanding to the formal language of maths, to numeracy.

What started 2003 as a research project, became the standard approach for preschool children in Germany – and is even growing internationally.

Why? Because maths is a universal language, and children are the same everywhere!

Learn all about this easy going, powerful concept

‘Let’s visit Numberland’ is an embracing, open and proven early years concept for all children as of 4 or even 3 years. It is a rich playing environment in which all the good things happen:

The natural rising interest of children in counting, numbers, shapes, language is allowed to grow into a thorough conceptual understanding and love for maths – through nothing but playing in a context. In addition, other important areas of a child’s development are naturally included. This is also true for first and second language.

The underlying research project showed that children (3 to <6) gained one year within only ten weeks – both in maths relevant thinking and in language. A later second study confirmed the positive impacts also for year one and also for deprived children, including the children’s base level, self-esteem and participation. This is a strong indicator for the inclusive power of Numberland.

Most importantly, since 2004 until today children and teachers in many different settings have been showing that Numberland really works! Not only in Germany, but increasingly international as well – no wonder, if you consider that children are the same everywhere and such is the language of maths …

The good thing is that, while playing Numberland, children will – at the same time – also develop their other skills such as language, social skills, cognition, motor skills, creativity, etc. This makes it a win-win, rather than and on-top activity.

Numberland provides opportunities galore to reason, explore, talk, help each other — all while playing.

Be it based on our handbook only, or after a training, with self-made or ready-made materials – the scope of travelling to Numberland is wide and colourful!

For us, it is much rewarding to see how strongly Numberland appeals to children, thus allowing all children to thrive as what they all are: capable and motivated natural learners!

We love to share Numberland and would also like to network as we believe there is no such thing as sole claim.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

Barbara and Gerhard

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