Welcome to Numberland

… where numbers have a home, just like us

That joyful idea sparking children & unburdening teachers
That emotional place packed with structured maths
… which lets the GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!

⭐ Because of how smart, affectionate, and efficiently Numberland interweaves relevant maths and the emotional world of 3 to 5yo children! 

⭐ Because Numberland helps children understand, connect, structure, and organise all the mathematical experiences in their daily life.

⭐ Because Numberland is about so much more than ‘just’ maths! But role play, exploring the world, details, general knowledge, movement, arts …

⭐ Because Numberland improves the chances of ALL children and contributes to a happy childhood!  

⭐ Because Numberland is not a strict programme and not bound to fancy resources!

⭐ Because teachers can make use of cross-curricular synergy effects!

⭐ Because Numberland paves the ground for maths activities or programmes to follow, and often opens children for them in the first place. Thus, Numberland is not in competition with any other maths concept. It is a facilitator to unburden teachers.

Let’s visit Numberland is a most efficient, yet easy going approach. It started as a widely acclaimed German research project, turned into a standard early years approach, and is increasingly finding international ‘travellers’. In preschools and international schools, anywhere and also in developing countries.

Hi from Numberland Germany!

My name is Barbara Schindelhauer, I’m co-author and international teacher trainer of Let’s visit Numberland.

I unburden you with pragmatic, hands-on ideas for this joyful approach, to spark and support the self-learning processes in your children. Not only is a thorough mathematical foundation crucial, it is also a tremendous chance for the other vital areas of children’s development: language, concentration, social and motor skills, creativity, to name just a few.

Plus, children are entitled to have a happy childhood, to play away, explore, do their thing. How wonderful, if while doing just that, the good things happen, also in terms of understanding and structuring mathematical experiences!

To ensure many children benefit from Numberland, it has been my passion to promote it among teachers worldwide since its beginnings 2004. I teamed up with Dr. Gerhard Friedrich, original Numberland author and University lecturer for early childhood pedagogy.

I am constantly developing Numberland further to facilitate Numberland projects even more, in any setting of preschools, international schools, or aid and development agencies. Their positive feedback is my utmost joy and motivation.

What the field says

Preschools appreciate how easily Numberland integrates and unburdens them in their educational tasks. They value the holistic approach, making children engage and benefit in terms of those important soft skills, too.  

Primary teachers note higher base levels, more motivation and engagement – also among children from socially or educationally deprived children or those with a migrant background. They recommend Numberland as a useful and sufficient tool to prepare children for formal tuition.  

International schools esteem the additional impact on second language acquisition.

And the children? They simply love it 🙂

Read what teachers say (Link available soon)

What you find on this website

This website gives you the full picture of Numberland plus all available ‘travelling options’, none of it compulsory.

  • Details on the Numberland concept and background
  • Handbook and other resources to make Numberland happen
  • Shop
  • Training opportunities
  • Publication list

May I be your tour guide?

I’m driven to provide you with all you need to embark on this joyful yet also efficient co-adventure, according to your individual needs.

Be it based on the handbook only, or a training (video-course, online, or on-site), with self-made or ready-made materials – the scope of travelling to Numberland is wide and colourful!

Back in 2004, Numberland ignited my own children (3y, 5y). This fire and enthusiasm jumped over on me and hasn’t stopped ever since.

Let me ignite you, too!

Yours, Barbara