My hands-on Numberland Teacher Training for you

Online or offline? You choose!

Barbara Schindelhauer to present Let's visit Numberland during Maths Week Ireland 2022

My online and offline Numberland trainings are designed 100% from the perspective of teachers, looking not only at your maths curriculum, but at your overall situation, requirements, and needs. Just as the Numberland concept itself is designed from children’s perspectives, looking at the entire child. And how Numberland is not something on top or instead of programmes/ schemes you follow. But a true supplement and facilitator, often opening doors and paving the way for other more specifically maths-focused programmes!

Numberland online Masterclass

This is what you get:
– Hands-on videos for the full picture of what children need to learn and how Let’s visit Numberland lets this happen.
– PLUS ALL resources enabling you to start immediately!
– PLUS inspiration for self-made and ready-made resources.

I poured my heart into this hands-on course and I am over the moon that Kathy Brodie hosts it on her Early Years TV platform!

All these pdf-files are included in your Numberland Masterclass:

… all designed with love and dedication to make life easy for you and your children happy!

A full Numberland set to put Numberland into action – including Teacher Guide

All you need to build a full Numberland to play with + tips and field proven suggestions for inspiration.

The Numberland characters, houses, gardens, flowerbeds, flowers, Number Street 0 to 20.

Print, cut out, laminate, possibly glue onto sth, or use magnetic stickers for your whiteboard.
Number 7 comes in two versions: with and without “shoulders”.

Wall posters with numbers 0 to 10

Number representation slightly different!

The pictures put number aspects into a child relevant context. They invite children to explore and to talk.

Number 7 comes in two versions: with and without “shoulders”.

Colouring and activity sheets

A selection of motivating colouring and activity sheets for a Book of Numbers for each child, especially the younger ones.

55 A4 pages.

A fun numeral writing practice (including a blank version)

Our worksheets for the numbers zero to ten combine number representations with classic numeral writing practice – in a fun way to motivate and engage children beyond just tracing numerals!

Numbers 1, 7 and 10 come in two versions.

-> PLUS CERTIFICATE for your Continuous Professional Development CPD

You receive a certificate from Early Years TV for 3 hours of CPD.

The videos make 2:20h in total, plus activities for you.

What you get from this Numberland Masterclass

▶ Fully understand how Numberland matches what children need to learn with what they need for their overall development.

▶ Learn how easily we translate relevant knowledge on numbers and shapes into the world of children.

▶ Discover the abundant cross-curricular effects and opportunities.

▶ Be inspired by best practice examples from all over the world – with completely self-made to ready-made resources.

▶ Start immediately with the downloadable resources and tips.

▶ Get in touch with any questions any time.

▶ Professional development certificate for 3 hours.

The philosophy of all my Numberland trainings

teachers exploring Let's visit Numberland during a teacher training in Poland

Designed to let the good things happen and to keep the joy in the early years – beyond number sense and shapes

I want to support YOU in your so important, relevant, and yet also most challenging tasks: Ensuring vital core maths understanding, yet also language, and all other things children need for a good, happy development.

No matter their socio-economic background. Or your budget.

In all my training formats, I provide you with background information and ideas as a rich buffet for you to choose from. You can apply this knowledge not only to Numberland but may find it helpful for other topics too.

▶ Get the full picture of relevant early maths: What number sense truly comprises

▶ The theory and thinking behind Numberland.

▶ How Numberland interweaves neuroscience and developmental psychology with maths didactics

▶ Get to know all Numberland elements in detail: how they look like and in what different ways they transport important mathematical content

▶ Suggestions on how to use and play with them

▶ Creative solutions for the materials (from pragmatic to fancy, from self-made to ready-made)

▶ Proven suggestions on how to embark on your Numberland trip, especially how to start. For different needs: 3 to 5 year-olds, special needs, second language

▶ Examples galore from all over the world, collected since 2004!

Teaser: Recording of a 45′ webinar on the chances of early maths and Numberland.

Watch this Webinar Recording for free

numberland teacher training barbara schindelhauer recording free webinar

While my self-instruction course and another free webinar are in the making, I invite you to watch my video of a free webinar (45 min.), held Nov. 2020.

Let the good things happen! How early maths can spark children and unburden teachers

It’s a mini Numberland training, only not as specific as the self-instruction course will be. But might already be enough for you to embark on a fun trip to Numberland! Definite worth a try…

On-site Numberland training

numberland teacher training barbara schindelhauer

You can schedule an on-site training anytime, anywhere in the world!

Please get in touch with me or contact someone on my international contact list in a country relevant to you. We can discuss what you may need and work something out. Or if you just have a question.

The incredible people there are dedicated, independent teachers who share the Numberland spirit and want to contribute to spreading the word.

I love to travel myself and can’t believe to how many exciting places on different contents Numberland has brought me in the past! It has always been an absolute pleasure to meet open-minded, dedicated teachers and absolutely-not-shy-but-approachable children.

What teachers say on my Numberland training

What participants of my trainings say 🙂