Numberland Resources


You fancy travelling to Numberland with your children? Wonderful! Here come your options for your “travel equipment”. You may choose freely, according to your personal needs and objectives.

As for the number characters, houses etc, anything from self-made to ready-made resources is possible. It can be an asset in itself to construct everything together with the children, even!

  • Book — Your comprehensive, hands-on tourguide to fully understand, plan and visit Numberland
  • NEW Teacher Pack — PDF-file with all Numberland elements in large for group activities and in small for little hands (both coloured and b/w). Easy to laminate or makeover.
  • Cut & Play Activity — A charming small paper Numberland version to cut out, fold and play with. Comes also as a free blank version
  • Templates / Printables — A selection of colouring and activity sheets for Books of Numbers (pdf-file)
  • Ready-made resources — High quality wooden/ felt materials, developed together with the Wehrfritz /HABA education group
  • Videos — Numberland in little films
  • Trainings — Hands-on introductions tailored to your needs (online, offline, wherever and whenever you wish).

Purchase your Numberland resources, book a webinar, or just get in touch.
Includes the new Teacher Pack!

Fighting the Corona Blues: Download your free blank Cut&Play activity.

Let’s visit Numberland Book

Our hands-on guide provides all you need to set the frame in which the good things happen:

Theoretical background – Practical ideas for the houses, numbers, gardens etc. – Tips on how to go about Numberland – Suggestions for the schedule. Also including number specific stories (numbers 1 to 10), activities and songs (with lyrics and music).

Currently available in English (with songs on CD), German (with songs on CD), Estonian, Polish. We aim at providing other languages in the future.

numberland book lets visit numberland barbara schindelhauer

Let’s visit Numberland – playfully discover the world of numbers

Gerhard Friedrich, Viola de Galgóczy, Barbara Schindelhauer.

Your complete tour guide with lots of hands-on tips plus tales and songs for each number one to ten and songs.

80 coloured pages with CD. ISBN-13: 978-3000315091. ifvl Waldkirch/Germany 2010.

Translation of the German long seller Komm mit ins Zahlenland, Herder Publishers, Freiburg 2011 with over 65k copies sold since first released 2004.

14.99 GBP / 14,99 EUR plus shipping

Let’s visit Numberland Teacher Pack

Our Numberland Teacher Pack provides easy access to beautifully designed Numberland resources at a low cost. The Numberland Teacher Pack includes three versions in one PDF-file.

Just cut out and laminate the large version for your group activities.
For your children, choose the small version to cut, fold, play, or stick on. The small version comes both in colour and in b/w (for easy printing or sending home).

>> See a number of self explaining pictures here.

Let's visit Numberland Teacher Pack pdf by Barbara Schindelhauer
Your easy access to Numberland with these beautifully designed resources. >> More pictures

Numberland Teacher Pack

All Numberland elements in 3 versions:
– large version for group activities
– small (coloured)
– small (b/w) plus extras and an instruction.

76 pages / pdf file / 29.99 GBP / 39 EUR

Let’s visit Numberland Printables/Templates

Children love to collect their Numberland artwork in their Book of Numbers and to document their visits to Numberland. A simple folder will do.
In addition and to make things easier, we offer a proven and fun range of printable A4 sheets for foto-copying.

numberland pdf worksheets

Book of Numbers printables/templates

Cover(s), tables, activity sheets for each number, certificate.

Small version with 17 pages for 8.99 GBP / 10.99 EUR or
XL version with ca. 100 pages (in the making) for ca. 25 GBP / 28 EUR

Available directly from us here.

Let’s visit Numberland Cut–and–Play – Activity

For your maths center / small world / tuff tray: An artistic, yet inexpensive Numberland paper version for the children to cut, fold, and play with. Can be laminated, too.

numberland cutout pack barbara schindelhauer

My Cut & Play Numberland – a magical land full of mathematics

Gerhard Friedrich, Barbara Schindelhauer.
ifvl 2018. ISBN-13 978-3947543007

5.99 GBP / 6 EUR

Talented friends – Design student Mario Rebolledo Serrano drew the lovely number characters, and Elisabeth Richaud contributed her acrylic paintings as sophisticated backgrounds.

Numberland ready-made resources by HABA

In addition or as an alternative to self-made materials, you may choose the Numberland resources by HABA.

HABA is known for its high quality products and love for details. They offer wooden number puppets and houses, plus felt shapes and number line.

Available from our partner (Ireland and NI).

Otherwise, please ask your school supplier. Those stocking HABA should be able to help you.

Did you know: The product range is called “Willys Zahlenwelt” or “Willy’s World of Numbers” (in honour of Wilhelm, the grandfather of Gerhard Friedrich).

Numberland Videos

numberland teacher training free webinar

In this 45′ webinar recording, I elaborate on the general chances of early maths and Numberland in particular.

Let the good things happen – how early maths can spark children and unburden teachers

numberland barbara schindelhauer video haba

Meet Gerhard and Barbara with a happy bunch of kindergarten children in this 5′ video, introducing you to the Numberland idea with a little action.

Link to video on YouTube. Please note: The film was produced by HABA education. “Willy’s World of Numbers” refers to their range of ready-made products, licensed by Gerhard Friedrich. “Let’s visit Numberland” stands for the entire concept.

numberland barbara schindelhauer kathy Brodie

A 30′ chat with Kathy Brodie on the chances of an emotional approach to mathematical literacy.

The interview was part of Kathy’s online Autumn 2019 Early Years Summit. Kathy Brodie organises her Early Years Summit on a regular basis with no charge.