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Our travel equipment, designed to ensure a smooth and happy ride
Choose from self-made to ready-made, according to your requirements

Our versatile Numberland resources are designed both with love and pragmatism, meaning maximum content and artwork at the lowest possible cost! Here comes an overview, scroll down for details:

  • A rhyming children’s picture book introduces the Numberland idea and characters (out late 2022).
  • Our Travel Guide and Full Resources (pdf) is an all-in-one package
  • The Book of Numbers (pdf) is a collection of colouring/activity sheets.
  • Besides fun extra stuff you may start with a free blank version to design your own Numberland.
  • There are also ready-made resources by HABA in high quality, durable wooden quality.
  • Finally, you may book me for hands-on teacher trainings or as a speaker, anyway and anywhere that serves your requirements best.

Please scroll down for details.

Rhyming Numberland Children’s Picture Book – My Garden is a Square

This rhyming children’s picture book introduces the Numberland idea and characters, including mischievous Trickster and caring Numberilly. The story and pictures inspire to explore relevant knowledge about basic numbers and shapes. They open our eyes for the mathematics in the world around us.
The book makes an excellent starting point of any Numberland co-adventure, but it is also a stand-alone resource.

Barbara Schindelhauer and Mark Hansen
My Garden is a Square
TBR Books 2022
12.99 USD

-> Available languages
English, Hindi, Chinese, Indonesian, French (soon), Arabic (soon)

Title of My Garden is a Square, a Let's visit Numberland Picture Book by Barbara Schindelhauer and Mark Hansen

Available languages:
English, Hindi, Chinese, Indonesian, French (soon), Arabic (soon)

Let’s visit Numberland – Travel Guide and Full Resources

All you need to travel to Numberland straight away! A full set of beautifully designed Numberland elements to print, cut out, laminate. To play with or to design a collage, even as a poster! Plus a how-to travel guide.

Inspiring you with proven suggestions for how to use the resources (12 pages).

Giving you all Numberland elements in three versions for maximum versatility (64 pages):
Version 1 : large & in colour. This is particularly useful for group activities or for ongoing play. Version 2 : small & in colour. Version 3: small & black/white for easier copying and even more for the children to design themselves!

30 USD (depending on exchange rate). Watch a video of the resources in action or go directly to our shop.

Let's visit Numberland Travel Guide and Full Resources
Numberland resources in action

Let’s visit Numberland – Book of Numbers

A selection of motivating colouring and activity sheets for a Book of Numbers for each child.

Pdf-file with b/w printables/templates to choose from. 55 A4 pages.

11 USD (depending on exchange rate)
More pictures in our shop.

numberland resources pdf book of numbers

Posters, Stickers and more with our Numberland Characters

Fancy the cute Numberland characters as a poster? On buttons, stickers, even shirts or socks … ??

So we uploaded our designs to www.redbubble.com
They print our designs on different products of your choice and ship internationally 🙂

Enjoy details and pictures in our shop

Numberland ready-made resources by HABA

The HABA company offers a range of wooden and felt Numberland resources, mainly in the EU. Please note that we have no influence on the distribution!

United Kingdom www.creating-classrooms.com

Ireland www.jaggo.ie

HABA Germany www.wehrfritz.com

numberland haba wooden numbers houses lets visit numberland

Title Let's visit Numberland video

Watch the numbers how they introduce their home in this little video.

You want more? Numberland training, webinar, speaker

Barbara Schindelhauer to present Let's visit Numberland during Maths Week Ireland 2022

Perhaps a training, webinar or book me as a speaker?

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or email me at barbara@numberland.net