Let's visit Numberland

You would like to travel to Numberland with your children? Wonderful!  To do so, there are two options for the materials and it is completely up to you which one to chose or how to combine:

Option 1: Make your own materials

We give plenty creative suggestions in our handbook 'Let's visit Numberland' for a low-cost way to get started - from very pragmatic to more sophisticated.

They can also be freely combined with ready-made materials - or with whatever you have at hand.
The handbook is available in English, German, Polish, Estonian. 

Option 2: Purchase ready-made materials

Together with the HABA/Wehrfritz company, we developed a range of long lasting materials with a high stimulative nature to chose from. These materials are available in sets or individually and can be freely combined with self-made materials - or with whatever you have at hand. 

The ready-made materials come as a big floor version and as a smaller table version

- number puppets from 0 to 10 - both wooden or as plush toys- wooden houses 0 to 10 with roofs, 55 window pegs, house numbers
- wooden towers 1 to 10 (55 bricks with stabilisers)
- gardens 1 to 10, in geometrical shapes
- number line 0 to 20
- various other items

Links for the ready-made materials

General                International HABA education catalogue  ('Willy's World of Numbers')
Contact Ms Ingrid Harke, Haba/Wehrfritz company, e-mail ingrid_harke@wehrfritz.de

Germany              www.wehrfritz.com.de ('Willys Zahlenwelt')

Poland                  www.wehrfritz.pl ('Willy'ego')

Estonia                 www.miljonmiksi.ee

Czech Republic    www.wehrfritz.cz