Pojď se mnou do Země čísílek

Program Pojď se mnou do Země čísílek lze snadno realizovat s pomůckami vlastní výroby nebo s již stávajícím materiálem, který mateřská školka používá.

K tomi lze doukoupit řadu kvalitních didaktických pomůcek s dlouhodobou životností.

Option 1: Make your own materials

We give plenty creative suggestions in our handbook 'Let's visit Numberland' for this low-cost way to get started.
They can also be freely combined with ready-made materials - or with whatever you have at hand.
The handbook is available in English, German, Polish, Estonian.

Option 2: Purchase ready-made materials

Together with the HABA/Wehrfritz company, we developed a range of long lasting materials with a high stimulative nature to chose from. These materials are available in sets or individually and can be freely combined with self-made materials - or with whatever you have at hand. 

The ready-made materials come as a big floor version and as a smaller table version

- wooden houses 0 to 10 with roofs, 55 window pegs, house numbers
- wooden towers 1 to 10 (55 bricks with stabilisers)
- gardens 1 to 10, in geometrical shapes
- number puppets from 0 to 10 - both wooden or as plush toys
- number line 0 to 20
- handpuppets Forgetmenot and Hodgey Podgey
- various other items

Links for the ready-made materials

International Haba/Wehrfritz catalogue

Contact Ms Ingrid Harke, Haba/Wehrfritz company, e-mail ingrid_harke@wehrfritz.de

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