Let’s visit Numberland with indigenous people in Malaysia

Making a difference to the Orang Aslan with Numberland in Malaysia 🙂

!! Update July 2022 !!
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A young Malaysia born teacher has dedicated herself to teach children in a remote Orang Aslan village for a couple of months. Larissa Charles also found two young villagers (27, 17) volunteering as teachers trainees to continue the work once Larissa would have left.

Larissa asked me to support her with Let’s visit Numberland online training for her two teacher trainees. Sure, with much joy and pleasure!

You know, only education is the way out of poverty.

Larissa Charles

Big hearts on tiny screens

Between May and July 2021, we met online on a weekly basis.

Due to the time difference and their 3,5h training schedule with Larissa, we met at 6 to 6:30am German time for 30 minutes each session.

The fact that we could connect between Germany and a remote village in Malaysia still fills me with awe! Only drawback was that it had to be a WhatsApp video call, which meant the tiny screen of my mobile phone and their slightly bigger tablet.

And when another Corona lockdown hit, we met from three different places on one small screen… But we managed and what fun we had 🙂

Teaching and travelling to Numberland

In each session, I explained Numberland details and provided suggestions on Numberland our trainees would then try out with their children in the village.

As for the resources, I provided the Let’s visit Numberland Teacher Pack. Fortunately, they could print and laminate the resources.

In the beginning, we focused on one number each and how they could go about it with their children. Apart from the Numberland Teacher Pack, I encouraged them to find pebbles, sticks, and leaves to decorate the number gardens. After each session, they would practice and then travel to Numberland with their children.

When another Corona lockdown hit, Larissa was no longer able to travel to the village herself. She continued teaching the children online plus training her trainees online.

And so did we with our Numberland training. Despite the odds!

Resume Numberland Malaysia

This project is not finished yet but as a first resume it is fair to say that Larissa Charles is having a major impact on these people’s lives.

Six children will be attending school as of September. And her children call her every day, even if she is not allowed to see them in person due to the lockdown.

And Let’s visit Numberland has already massively contributed to motivation, learning, self-esteem and interaction.

Looking forward to things to come!

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