Numberland Teacher Pack

Your versatile, cost-efficient Let’s visit Numberland resource for happy travelling (pdf)

Communicate all aspects of numbers in a meaningful and child relevant context: quantity, order, partitioning, invariancy, subitising, shapes, patterns.

Yet we speak of neighbours instead of order or predecessor/successor, homes, gardens, our 5frames are flowerbeds … Turn teaching maths into a co-adventure where there is so much to do, to talk and to reason. And link to other important curricular activities. And just let the good things happen.

Just a few ideas for the Numberland Teacher Pack

The teacher pack gives you all Numberland elements, designed to help you with group activities AND for individual children, both in colour and in b/w.

The entire pack consists for 75 pages, printable as A4 in colour and in b/w. Including instructions – or rather suggestions on the many options.

Numberland Teacher pack – what you get

The teacher pack has all Numberland elements in two sizes: a large version for group activities or small world. The small version for individual children. This version also comes in b/w for easy photocopying and even more individuality.

We recommend laminating the elements if you want to use them as loose parts. Decide whether you want the numbers and the houses standing or lying. If you cut them in two, you get two slightly different versions.

All elements can also be arranged and glued on paper, card board, into students booklets, in their Book of Numbers.

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Learn more about Numberland by reading or watch this video with a picture story .