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You fancy travelling to Numberland? Wonderful! Please choose …

We offer a wide range of information and optional resources – because anything from self-made to ready-made (or a combination) makes the perfect travel equipment!

Our publications help you understand the concept and prepare a structuring frame in which all the good things can happen – the children will guide the way! Integrating the concept into the term’s activities is not difficult, though may appear complex at first sight.

As for the number characters, houses etc, anything from self-made to ready-made resources is possible.

We give you a wide range of resources to choose from:

  • Articles – UK magazines, conference proceedings
  • Handbook – Our comprehensive, hands-on guide to fully understand, plan and visit Numberland (various languages).
  • Cut & Play Activity – A charming small paper Numberland version to cut out, fold and play with
  • Activity sheets – A wide selection of colouring and activity sheets for Books of Numbers
  • Ready-made resources – High quality wooden/ felt materials, developed together with the Wehrfritz /HABA education group
  • Videos – Numberland in little films
  • Trainings – Hands-on introductions tailored to your needs wherever and whenever requested


Let’s visit Numberland: A highly emotive and efficient reason for reasoning
Gerhard Friedrich, Barbara Schindelhauer (2015). In: Mathematical Association, Primary Mathematics, volume 19, issue 1, pp. 13-16. Mathematical Association, 

Conference proceedings: 
Gerhard Friedrich, Barbara Schindelhauer (2014). Let’s visit Numberland: An Emotive, Story-based Contribution to Numeracy and Literacy Development. 
In: Jörg F. Maas, Simone C. Emig, Carolin Seelmann (eds.). Prepare for Life! Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education. Results and Implications of the International Conference of Experts 2013. Stiftung Lesen 2014 (pp. 79-85)

Free download of the e-book:

Focus on … Numberland
National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (2011). Early Years Magazine, Issue 25/2011 (online resource).

For full pdf-article, please email

Publication of the Numberland research study in peer-reviewed journal
Gerhard Friedrich, Horst Munz (2006). Förderung schulischer Vorläuferfähigkeiten durch das didaktische Konzept Komm mit ins Zahlenland. In: Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht, Vol. 53, S. 134-146. München und Basel: Ernst-Reinhardt-Verlag.

For all German publications, please visit our German website


Our hands-on guide provides all background information for planning and realising Numberland according to your individual needs:

Theoretical background – Practical ideas for the material – Tips on how to go about it – Suggestions for the schedule. Also including number specific stories, activities and songs (with lyrics and music).

Currently available in English (with songs on CD), German (with songs on CD), Estonian, Polish. We aim at providing other languages in the future.

Let’s visit Numberland – playfully discover the world of numbers

Gerhard Friedrich, Viola de Galgóczy, Barbara Schindelhauer. 80 pages with songs on CD. ifvl Waldkirch/Germany 2010. ISBN-13: 978-3000315091

Get it here: 14.99 GBP or on

Komm mit ins Zahlenland 

Gerhard Friedrich, Viola de Galgóczy, Barbara Schindelhauer. Herder Publishing Freiburg/ Germany 2011 (revised version). ISBN-13: 978-3451324208.

Available in book stores
19,90 Euro

Over 60k sold copies since 2004 made this book a classic at Herder Publishing.

For the updated version 2011, Barbara brought in her practical experience as co-author.

Lähme Arvumaale

Gerhard Friedrich, Viola de Galgóczy, Barbara Schindelhauer; translated and adapted by Reeli Tänavsuu. Part of the series Õpituba by Koolibri Publishers/ Estonia 2013. ISBN-13: 978-9985030134

Adapted to the Estonian culture by Numberland experienced Reeli Tänavsuu.

W Krainie Liczb

Gerhard Friedrich, Viola de Galgóczy, Barbara Schindelhauer; adapted by Grazyna Presz. Published by Jednosc/ Poland 2011. ISBN-13 978-8376603834

Adapted to the Polish culture by Numberland experienced Grazyna Presz.

Cut – Fold – Play – Activity

Children can cut and fold their own complete Numberland to play in and with. We wanted to address the joy of making things yourself at little cost, yet with maximum content and an artistic, high quality appeal.

7 A4 sheets of number characters, houses, gardens, flowerbeds, number path, plus 1 A3 board and an instruction with suggestions.

My Cut & Play Numberland
– a magical land full of mathematics

Gerhard Friedrich, Barbara Schindelhauer. ifvl 2018. ISBN-13 978-3947543007

Get it here:
4,99 Euro / 4.99 GBP
5.99 GBP on

Talented friends – Design student Mario Rebolledo Serrano drew the lovely number characters, and Elisabeth Richaud contributed her acrylic paintings as sophisticated backgrounds.

German version: Mein Zahlenland – Eine Märchenlandschaft voller Mathematik zum Selbstgestalten. ISBN13 978-3947543007

Printable for a Book of Numbers

Children love to collect their Numberland artwork in their Book of Numbers and to document their visits to Numberland. A simple folder will do.
In addition and to make things easier, we offer a proven and fun range of printable A4 sheets for foto-copying.

Covers, colouring/ activity sheets for all numbers
0 to 10, tables to stamp,
a certificate.

pdf-file Book of Numbers

Get it here:
8,99 Euro /8.99 GBP

Ready-made resources

In addition or as an alternative to self-made materials, you may choose from a selection of high quality, long lasting wooden and felt products.

A large floor version and a small table version are available.

These are produced and sold by the German Wehrfritz/ HABA education group. The product range is called “Willys Zahlenwelt” or “Willy’s World of Numbers” (in honour of Wilhelm, the grandfather of Gerhard Friedrich).

Wehrfritz/HABA ships to many countries:

Haba cooperates with international suppliers, and also sells directly on

For selected items, you may contact Barbara Schindelhauer (

HABA Zahlenzwerge (Number Gnomes)

… is a popular board game based on the Numberland idea.

… uses no dice, but cards with pictures on them. Children decide what they count to determine how they make their way to the next treasure …


Meet Gerhard and Barbara with a happy bunch of kindergarten children in this 5′ video, introducing you to the Numberland idea with a little action.

Please note: The film was kindly produced by the Wehrfritz/ HABA education company. “Willy’s World of Numbers” refers to their range of ready-made products, whereas “Let’s visit Numberland” stands for the entire concept.

Oct 28 – Nov 3, 2019 (online)

Free subscription on the summit homepage

A 30′ chat with Kathy Brodie on the chances of an emotional approach to mathematical literacy.

The interview is part of the online Autumn 2019 Early Years Summit.

Kathy Brodie broadcasts interviews with 20 early years experts with a focus on literacy. 

All interviews and transcripts are made permanently available.

Hands-on Trainings

… whenever and wherever you like
… all around the globe
… at reasonable prices
… because we want to share the idea!

We offer hands-on trainings on Numberland, providing a thorough understanding of the concept and lots of ideas, above all, to get started.

Our trainings are designed to your individual needs and scheduled whenever, wherever and for how long you like around the globe

=> => Upcoming event: 4th March 2020 in Leeds <= <=

Join this full day hands-on training to get the full picture from background to options for materials, suggestions for different age groups, for planning and workshops on how to get started – plus, of course, anything you would like to address.

Venue: Domi Domingo Day Nursery , Leeds, 9.30 – 3.30, 100 GBP (incl. lunch and certificate)

–> Contact for this event or any inquiry on trainings:

Please e-mail, or someone else on our contact list in the country relevant to you to discuss what you may need and we can work something out. Or if you just have a question.

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