HOLA Número 5! Teacher training at international school in Guatemala on Numbers AND German

(Feb 2019) The Instituto Austriaco Guatemalteco in Guatemala City faces the challenge to prepare mostly Spanish speaking children for the bilingual curriculum. Barbara Schindelhauer was invited to provide a hands-on training to the German and Spanish team, as well as guests from other institutions. A major part were fieldtrips to Numberland with the children: Purely German speaking Number 5 introduced the children to Numberland – and off they went, having a great time building, decorating, playing, helping each other, reasoning which garden the little toy cow could enter to get some food. What a happy mix of Spanish and German!  If only Hodgey Podgey had not stolen the NumberLane in the meantime! There was a little adventure, before the children could rebuild Number Lane and leave, counting backwards, to finally receive their little present …

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