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Free Webinar

or drop me a message barbara@numberland.net

What you get

Therefore, in all my training formats, I provide you with this rich buffet to choose from:

▶ Get the full picture of relevant early maths, the theory, and thinking behind Numberland

▶ How Numberland interweaves neuroscience and developmental psychology with maths didactics

▶ Get to know all elements in detail: how they look like and in what different ways they transport important mathematical content

▶ Suggestions on how to use and play with them

▶ Creative solutions for the materials

▶ Proven suggestions on a curriculum for different needs (3 to 5 year-olds, special needs, second language

▶ Examples galore from all over the world

I want to make it easy and fun for you to embark on Numberland in your specific setting! Not an extra on top but something to unburden you because of the catalyst effect, and to meet your individual needs and those of your children!

Free Webinar

The next free webinar is scheduled for

▶ Saturday, Dec 12th 2020 from 2 to 3pm (London time) ◀

You can find details and register here or drop me a message

Self-instruction Course

Learn all about Numberland in the comfort of your home, at your own pace and timing.

Watch ca. 3,5h of video modules, consisting of 100 slides with voiceover, packed with all thinkable information and tons of inspiring pictures from the field, collected over 16 years of international practice.

Bonus: a package of printable pdf

I am planning this training to be ready for you early 2021 🙂

The English version will follow the first course in German which has become an encouraging great success.

In a nutshell, you will have access to the video modules and can watch online or download them.

Meanwhile, please check out my free webinars!

On-site training

You can schedule an on-site training anytime, anywhere in the world!

Please get in touch with me or contact someone on my international contact list in a country relevant to you. We can discuss what you may need and work something out. Or if you just have a question.

The incredible people there are dedicated, independent teachers who share the Numberland spirit and want to contribute to spreading the word.

I love to travel myself and can’t believe to how many exciting places on different contents Numberland has brought me in the past! It has always been an absolute pleasure to meet open-minded, dedicated teachers and absolutely-not-shy-but-approachable children.


What participants of my trainings say: