Free Numberland pack

A blank Numberland to comfort the Corona Blues …

Although we already have a Cut-out-and-Play Numberland Activity, we want to contribute to the current situation and, therefore, offer a free, blank version for download!

Yep, just like that – 7 b/w A4 pages to put together a complete Numberland! With endless options, also if combined with play dough, Lego, Playmobil, etc. 

Above all: Within a tiny place, Numberland helps children structure all important aspects of numbers and explore them through play: quantity, order, partitioning, successor/predecessor… But we are talking houses, neighbours, flowerbeds, etc… 

This is what you get

Get inspired and design your own Numberland

A pdf-file with 7 A4 b/w sheets, to design …

  • the number characters 0 to 10
  • their houses 1 to 10
  • their geometrically shaped gardens (circle, ellipse/semicircle, up to decagon)
  • their flowerbeds (10)
  • Number Lane 0 to 20 (21 tiles)
  • for cheeky Hodgey Podgey and kind Forgetmenot 

This is how to do it

Download → Print → Collect ideas → Design → Cut → Fold → Plaaaaaay! 
→ perhaps turn it into some artwork, like a collage on a big paper?

Would you like some additional tips on how to play?

Hopefully, you enjoy it! Looking forward to some feedback, maybe even some pictures that we could publish here, or on Facebook?

Also if you had any question, it would be great to hear from you:

Above all: Stay safe!